BlueAg Turbine Shaft Drip Oil

BlueAg Turbine Shaft Drip Oil is an irrigation system lubricant formulated to reduce or eliminate varnishes and gums, keeping oil passages clean. Recommended for lubrication of deep well irrigation systems specifying drip oil for turbine pump bearing lubrication. Does not contain harmful additives that can contaminate underground water supplies. High viscosity index lubricant resists viscosity change, due to temperature variations, resulting in consistent lubricant flow that may help reduce excess lubrication consumption.


Sizes: Bulk (1,000 Gallon min. order)

Recommended for use in applications specifying:

Recommended lubricant for deep well turbine shaft driven irrigation pumps equipped with a drip oiling mechanism. Typical Use: 400 ft. well – set to 10 drops/min. Add 5 drops/min for each additional 100 feet well depth.


  • Lubricates moving parts and inhibits formation of rust and corrosion
  • Does not contain additives harmful to groundwater
  • Provide excellent low temperature fluidity for wide temperature use

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