BlueAg AW 68 Hydraulic Oil (5K HR)

Specially formulated with high viscosity index base oils and premium thermally stable antiwear additives. BlueAg™ AW Hydraulic Oil provides outstanding resistance to sludge formation, chemically stable, and demonstrate excellent anti-wear properties.

Recommended for service in vane, piston and gear pumps when used according to the manufacturers’ recommendations. Provides maximum service life to these pumps as well as other system components.

Sizes: Drum, 275 Gallon Tote, Bulk

Meets performance specifications: Denison HF-0 (ISO 32), 1 (ISO 46) & 2 (ISO 68), Bosh RE 90 220, CM P-68 (ISO 32), 70, ISO 46), 69 (ISO 68) ISO 11158 HH, HL, & HM, Vickers M-2950-S & I-286-S, DIN 51524 I & II, GM LS-2, AGMA #1 (ISO 32) & #2 (ISO 68)


  • Thermally stable antiwear additives inhibits heat related sludge in electro-hydraulic service associated with traditional zinc type oils
  • Formulated with anti-foam agents and demulsifiers
  • Provides outstanding anti-wear protection

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