Blue Agri-Clean

Blue Agri-Clean is a clean diesel fuel additive that is specifically-designed for agricultural and off-road vehicles. It contains world-class detergents to clean and protect critical engine parts delivering an increased fuel economy of up to 8%. Blue Agri-Clean also works instantly to help remove water in diesel fuel tanks.

Blue Agri-Clean is available in 32 oz. and 64oz. sizes. Commercial sizes available. Ask your BlueAg sales representative for more information.

Blue Agri-Clean Treat Rate is:

32 oz. – 1:100 gal.

64 oz. – 1:200 gal.



  • Restores injector performance and fuel economy up to 8%
  • Increases cetane by up to 5 numbers for better starts and smoother running engines
  • Fast-acting and works instantly to manage water in tanks
  • Ensures diesel fuel freshness and stability

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