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Blue Diesel Anti-Gel

A multifunctional diesel fuel additive that contains not only cold flow improver to protect fuel from gelling, but also contains cetane for better cold starts and injector cleaner to clean critical engine parts. Diesel Anti-Gel is designed to ensure reliable fuel system performance in all diesel applications and is compatible with all fuel system components. Effective in biodiesel blends up to B20.

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Blue All Season Diesel Boost

A multifunctional diesel fuel additive formulated specifically to improve cetane and clean harsh carboxylate engine deposits in all diesel applications. Blue All Season Diesel Boost was developed specifically for today’s conventional and modern diesel engines, including those with High-Pressure Common Rail fuel injection systems. In addition, Blue All Season Diesel boost has been extensively evaluated within OEM on-road vehicle fleets and heavy diesel mining applications.

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Blue Agri-Clean

A clean diesel fuel additive that is specifically-designed for agricultural and off-road vehicles. It contains world-class detergents to clean and protect critical engine parts delivering an increased fuel economy of up to 8%. Blue Agri-Clean also works instantly to help remove water in diesel fuel tanks.

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Blue Emergency Diesel Thaw

A diesel fuel additive designed to quickly reliquify gelled diesel fuel and thaw frozen fuel filters in extremely cold environments. Blue Emergency Thaw is an ideal solution for fuel tanks that have not yet been winterized and encounter unexpected freezing conditions.

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Blue Clear Guard

An advanced, proprietary diesel fuel treatment that provides superior tank protection by dispersing water and reducing the chance of microbial contamination. It will also stabilize the diesel fuel, ensuring that the fuel stays fresh.

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An advanced, fast-acting diesel biocide that kills tank microbes that have developed along the water/fuel layer in diesel fuel tanks. If left unchecked, these harmful microbes can create fuel contaminants that will plug fuel filters and acids that can corrode tanks.

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